[The Xelloss Element]

The only thing that could concievably challenge Val/Firia is Xelloss Metallium. (sorry to whoever runs that Val x Lina shrine, but I just don't see that one ^^;;) I figured everyone's favorite Mazoku fruitcake deserved a section discussing his merits in the cases of Xelloss x Firia and Xelloss x Valgarv

Xelloss x Firia

As my older sister is quick to defend with, there's just as much evidence that suggests Firia would end up with Xelloss, as there is with Valgarv. And considering what happens to Val at the end of TRY, there's even more backing to the idea that Xel and Firia would end up together.

I want to go on record saying that I have NO problem with this. I totally agree, and am a Xelloss x Firia fan. In fact, they were my favorite (m/f) Slayers couple until I finally got to see the entire TRY season.

Now before I go further, I want to point out one thing that I know I'll get emailed about if I don't say it now. In the final episode of the dubbed version of Slayers TRY, there is one line where Xelloss says to Firia, "Now that's the dragon I love." Unfortunately, I cannot consider this concrete evidence that Xelloss is in love with Firia, for one very important reason.

That's not what he said in the original Japanese version.

The original line was simply, "Sore de sou sou Firia-san ne."[*]

Obviously, that's not what was said in the dub. Literally the line would translate as "This is Firia-san, right?" To make sense in english, what he said would be more along the lines of "That's right; that's the Firia I know and should be."

At any rate, that line was totally mucked up in the dub, and since I think the Japanese version holds more weight over the english dub, I don't consider that line as any sort of Xel x Firia evidence.

moving along...

Xelloss x Valgarv

Heh. My other favorite Slayers couple. They're so cute together! (when they're not trying to kill each other ^^;;). However, as much as I'd like to think otherwise, I don't think these two were intended to be a couple. Besides, I see hints that Valgarv and Garv had something going on...

Not only that, but I can actually FIND Xel/Val fics to read. The main purpose of this site is to promote Val/Firia because I equally like them as a couple and want to read more fanfics about them. ^_^

[*] -- a huge "Arigato!" and a glomp goes to my friend, Chibi Kitsune-chan, for digging out her Slayers VCDs so we could double-check on what Xel-chan really said.