12 November 2001-- New link and the first 7 chapters of 'My Bloody Valentine' are up. Whew, I thought I'd never finish this update. Enjoy!

08 September 2001-- New fic in fanfiction, and aquired a sister site. Yay! ^_^

02 September 2001-- Hot damn, after months of inactivity on this site, I get a fanfic submission! *does a happy dance*. It's been posted in the fic section. Whilst I'm updating I plan to clean up the links section sometime today.

27 February 2001-- Got the dj scans up~! And not only that, but my kakkoi friend, K-chan wrote a fanfic just for my peeji. Sankyuu, K-chan! *glomp* It's a kawaii, fluffy fic called "Tea Time". Be sure to go read it!

22 February 2001-- I actually wrote a Val/Firia fic. *looks around for signs of the world ending* It's more of a ficlet, since it's so short, but hey, it's something new to read. *shrug* I miiight write a sequel to it.

18 February 2001-- Wow, got a truckload of fics up in the fanfic section. First up, is the sequel to Duvet, The Real Folk Blues by Adara! Also up is the rest of Alyson Metallium's Slayers Fairy Tales stories. A big "Sankyuu" goes out to both talented writers for letting me host their fics! ^_^ On another note, I'm expecting that Val/Firia doujinshi any time this week, and I'll scan it as soon as it comes in. Now I'm off to watch the last few eps. of Yu Yu Hakusho. Raizen is so kakkoi... and so is Yomi and Mukuro for that matter. ^_^

15 February 2001-- The first fic out of a series of Slayers Fairy Tales is up in fanfiction. Sankyuu, Alyson-san! I would work on getting the next story up... but I really wanna go watch the end of the Sensui arc of Yu Yu Hakusho. ^_^;; Gomen ne!

13 February 2001-- One more fanart by me up in the gallery. It came out fairly good, but Val's face looks kinda weird. I can't quite figure out what's wrong with it though. Oh well. On another note, just because I want to share this with the world, I got a chinese DVD boxset of Yu Yu Hakusho yesterday. ALL 112 EPISODES OF THE SERIES ARE MINE! OH HO HO HO! Speaking of which, I'm gonna go watch another episode. Ah, Hiei-chan...kakkoi... *starry eyed*

11 February 2001-- Another new fic up in fanfiction! ^_^ Arigatou, Misanoe-san! And it's a really great story! I've already read it a few times! Enjoy!

10 February 2001-- Crappy fanart by me in the gallery. I figured if I can't write decent fanfics, I could at least do some fanart. Not particuarly good fanart, mind you... but anyway, two piccies are filling up space in the gallery.

08 February 2001-- There's a fic in the fanfiction section! Thank you, Adara-san! It's a really good songfic, and set to one of the best anime songs in the history of the world, Duvet from Lain. ^_^ PLUS, Adara-san says she might write a sequel to the story, and that I can post it here if she does. Waiii! ^_^

07 February 2001-- Scanned a few things for the gallery, added typical site stuff like a counter and guestbook. I started emailing all the authors I've come across with Val/Firia stuff and asked to post their stories here. I'm also gonna attempt to write a couple fanfics (or at least bug K-chan to write some for my site ^_~).

06 February 2001-- Got impulsive and made another website (yeah, like I need more of 'em ^^;;) Anyway, this site is a baby and under major construction right now, so if you've managed to find it already, don't mind the mess. Things will really get rolling once my Val x Firia djs come in the mail.