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18 of these scans are from Slayers Adult 3 by the circle Ginmomodou. Well, I was admittedly a bit surprised at just how graphic this dj is. I have a stack of Yu Yu Hakusho and Gundam W djs, but most of 'em are shounen-ai, and not many of 'em go into great detail like this one does. All in all, I saw way more than I'd rather have seen. *sweatdrop*. Due to the fact that I don't want to risk getting my account deleted, I didn't scan a good portion of the book. I also didn't scan the Xel/Firia stuff, cause hey, this is a VAL/Firia site, after all. And I didn't scan the *shudder* Zel/Ameria chapter for the same reason. The last 2 scans are from my sister's Xel/Firia dj, Falling Angel. You can purchase these djs yourself from 3H

cover pic. very pretty. he looks so smug. guess it's cause he knows he's gonna get some. and here comes fi-chan. one of the few pics in this dj where she's fully clothed. 0_o grr!
there goes her dress... firia is justifiably pissed at val ripping off her clothes, so she gets out mace-sama. hey I'd react the same way ah, val's such a stud. gaze upon my manly chest!
firia's reaction to being flashed by val. he's kinda forceful in this dj. must be a bad guy thing. this pic is cute. might use it as the index page pic next time I change the layout. *kiiiisu*
I think jirasu and kirabos' reactions are about the same as mine when I first looked through this dj. again val looks rather smug in this pic. hey, just think of it as a lollipop firia's reaction at being shown what val wants her to *ahem* use like a lollipop despite her initial protest, she seems to really get into it 0_o. I cropped this pic considerably, cause I don't want my account getting deleted.
he looks so sinister here... ^^;; mmm.... tastes like chicken kawaiii~! this is what happens when dj artists smoke crack. 0_o

[miscellaneous scans]

i've seen this pic online before, but it's such a good pic, i figured no one would minds seeing it again the back of one of the other cards scanned here i like his wings... they're neato. too bad he's got the freaky looking arms when his wings are out a concept sketch of vally-kins
the only firia card I have. i couldn't completely crop gourry out of the pic. oh well the november/december pic out of the 2000 calendar. the cover one of my sister's commercially released TRY tapes another cover of my sister's tapes. she's the good, honest anime fan out of the two of us, who buys the official releases of stuff, even if we got it fansubbed.


The following four pics were taken from Star Dust Company. If you're the artist of these fanarts and want them taken down, email me and they'll be removed immediately.

i really like this pic. enough to use it as the index illustration. ^^ the first val/firia pic I ever saw. kawaiii. i luv this pic. though i'm still not sure who that is perched on xel's head. luna? philbrizo? it's a mystery... ok, so this isn't a val/firia pic. but it's too droolworthy not to post here. he reminds me of hiei in this pic.

And here's my own crappy fanart.

firia in modern garb holding a val-shaped purse. borrowed her pose from some pic i saw in the january 2001 issue of newtype ^^;; i sketched this whilst waiting for my sister to get off the computer and thought 'what the hell, i'll post it on my site' another random sketch. couldn't think of a background for it, so i wrote the lyrics to 'breeze' behind 'em. ^^;;