[Character Bios]
I can not stress enough that SPOILERS abound like crazy in this section. If you don't want to know the ending of Slayers TRY, do NOT go any furthur.

Firia Ul Copt

Firia is first introduced in Slayers TRY. In my opinion, she even beats out Lina on being the best female cast member of the series. She's a Gold Ryuuzoku (Ryuu=dragon, zoku=clan) who asks Lina-tacchi to help her keep Dark Star from destroying the Slayers world. She can appear in both a human form, and the form of a large gold-colored dragon. Although she'd be horrified to admit it, she's just as... um... quirky as the rest of Lina's group. ^_^;; She has a habit of stopping and drinking a cup of tea during stressful situations, no matter when and where. When she's angry, her tail pops out from under her skirt, because she's still learning to hold her human form (kawaii! her tail's got a little pink bow on it!). She also has a habit of whacking people with Mace-sama, which she keeps strapped to her leg with a garter underneath her skirt (how DOES she walk with that thing strapped to her?).

When she finds out what the Gold Dragons did to the Ancient Dragons (which will be covered in Val's bio), she is extremely upset, going so far as to resign from her position as a miko, and develops sympathy and understanding towards her enemy, Valgarv. She makes several attempts to stop him from summoning Dark Star, and later on, prevent him from "purifying" the world.

In the end, although she somewhat began to reach him, she had no choice but to aid Lina-tacchi in killing Valgarv to save the world. After the battle was over, a small glowing object dropped from the sky, into her hands. The object was Val, reverted to a baby dragon, inside an egg. Firia took it upon herself to care for the reborn infant Valgarv to atone for what the Gold Dragons did to Val's clan.


Valgarv was originally born an Ancient Dragon by the name of Valteria. During the Kouma war, the Gold dragon clan fought fiercely against their mortal enemies, the Mazoku (Ma=evil, zoku=clan). The Ancient dragon clan did not want anything to do with the war, and basically tried to stay out of it. The Gold Dragons, however, saw other Ryuuzoku, namely the Ancient Dragons as a threat, and like the Mazoku, felt they should be elminated. So the Gold clan slaughtered the Anciet clan, leaving Valteria the only surviving Ancient Dragon.

My memory gets a little hazy by this point. ^^;; As far as I remeber, at some point when Valteria was grown up, he was injured and at the mercy of a Mazoku named Garv, also known as the Maryuuou (Ma=evil, ryuu=dragon, ou=king). Garv offered Valteria a chance to die and be reborn into the evil clan. Valteira agreed, and so Garv killed him and resurrected him as a Mazoku. He renamed Valteria as Valgarv and made him one of his subordinates (I assume Valgarv was to Garv what Xellos is to Xellas; a general and/or priest).

Of course, if you watched Slayers NEXT, you know that Lina killed Garv. That act fuels the plot of TRY. Valgarv is rather pissed that Lina killed his beloved Garv-sama, and therefore decides on revenge. But not just on her. He decides he'll summon a destroyer of worlds, Dark Star, and have it "purify" (in other words, destroy) the world. In that way, he could kill both Lina Inverse, and all the of Gold dragon clan in one fell swoop.

By the time the end of the series rolls around, not only has Val called Dark Star to the world, he also becomes 'merged' with it. And, as you read in Firia's bio, Dark Star/Valgarv gets defeated by Lina-tacchi. Val gets killed, reborn and adopted by Firia. (okay, so that kinda sort makes this site seem like it's dedicated to incest... but they aren't related so it's OK. =P Besides, if I was bothered by incest, I wouldn't have read all those Suboshi x Amiboshi fanfics... ^^;;)

All those other guys who aren't as important as Firia and Val ^_~

Lina Inverse

Lina is the heroine of the Slayers series. She's firey, loud mouthed, foul tempered and unfeminine. But that's what makes her so cool. I'd rather all anime female leads be like her, rather than the damsel-in-distress type thing. She's also the most powerful sorceress ever, and even has the power to call upon L-sama (who created the entire Slayers world).

Gourry Gabriev

Lina's rather stupid sidekick. I'm sure he was dropped on his head as a baby, or is the product of generations of inbreeding. However, what he lacks in intelligence, he makes up for in his fighting ability. He's an excellent sword fighter, and is the owner of the legendary Hikari no Ken.

Zelgadiss Grewyers

Zel is the grandson/great-grandson of Akahoushi Rezo. When he was in his mid-teens, he was obsessed with becoming "stronger". Rezo used his magic to grant Zel's wish, and in the process turned him into a odd mix of 1/3 golem, 1/3 human and 1/3 Mazoku (aka chimera). Zel was not happy about his sudden inhuman apperance. Apparently obsessiveness runs in the family. Like Rezo searched frantically for a way to cure his blindness, Zel now searches for a way to become human again.

Ameria Wil Tesra Sailoon

Ameria is probably the most psychotic member of Lina's group of oddballs (excluding Naaga, who is the craziest one of them all ^^;;). She's a princess who comes from an extremely bizarre family (look at her dad and sister... *shudder*). By the time TRY rolls around, I found her far more tolerable than she was in the beginning of the series. Anyway, she's got this weird fetish that involves jumping up into trees, or any high place, pointing at people and ranting to them about justice. She's also got a crush on Zelgadiss, though he doesn't seem to return her affections.

Xelloss Metallium

He first introduces himself as "the trickster priest". And that pretty much sums up what he does. He's a Mazoku, and as such, enjoys inflicting pain and confusion on those around him. Sometimes he helps Lina-tacchi, sometimes he doesn't. He has his own hidden agendas, and only aids whoever can help him achieve his goals. He's probably most well known for his "sore wa himitsu desu" quote. Many fans speculate on whether or not he's got a thing for Lina or Firia. If you ask me, I think he's got a thing for both of 'em.


Valgarv's annoying follower. Although I don't like him much, I will admit he did accomplish quite the feat by stealing Hikari no Ken from Lina-tacchi. He's the last of his kind, and Valgarv saved him from being killed.


Valgarv's other annoying follower. Like Jirasu, Val saved him from being killed, he's the last of his kind, etc. etc.


Alumeisu is from another world (actually I'm told he's from the "Lost Universe" world) At first he was the ally of Valgarv, but then he revealed his true objective. Which was to summon Dark Star in order to destroy him. He's killed by Elrogos.


At first, one of Alumeisu's followers, but he begins to think that Alumeisu is weak, and kills him. He wants to kill Dark Star, but doesn't care about what happens to the world they summon him in.


He first appears with Elrogos, but he's level-headed and reasonable, unlike his partner. He sees Valgarv/Dark Star as his enemy, but is not willing to destroy an entire world to get to him.


Also known as Maryuuou, Garv is one of the five Mazoku Shaburanigdu created to follow him. During the Kouma war, he was sealed into a human body. Since he was became partially human, he rebelled against the Mazoku, wanting to live, rather than be destroyed with all the other humans, which is what the Mazoku's objective is. (Actually the Mazoku want to destroy the world...). Like you read in Val's bio, he saved Val from being killed by the Gold Dragons, and as a result, Val became a loyal servant to him. He opposed Lina Inverse during the events in NEXT, and as a result, was killed by her.

Dark Star
dark star

The creature that is a mix of a god named Bolfied and the Mazoku lord, Dark Star. They fought continuously in the world Alumeisu is from, and at some point, Dark Star devoured Bolfied. After that, Dark Star became completely uncontrollable, and set out to destroy everything. Valgarv summoned it to his world, and was immediately devoured by it. Valgarv, like Bolfied, became a part of Dark Star, and set out to "purify" the world of everything. Of course, Lina-chan never loses, and she eventually beat him/it/whatever the hell Dark Star is.